Social marketing and communications efforts play an important role in engaging stakeholders to promote wellness, reduce stigma, and instill the belief that everyone has a role to play in supporting children’s behavioral health and overall well-being. 

Social Marketing and Communications workgroup

The vision of the social marketing and communications workgroup is to support the sustainability of a statewide infrastructure of the Network of Care and its principles through the promotion of available behavioral health services, youth and family engagement practices, and behavioral health service system needs.

To do this, the workgroup’s goal is to implement social marketing and communication strategies to increase knowledge of services across the state, promote stigma reduction, and promote the system of care values, principles, and philosophy.

Workgroup chair: Julie Calabro, Carelon

Designated meeting time: second Thursday of every month | 12:00 noon – 1:00 pm

Current Areas of Focus and Resources

1. 2022 Mental Health Awareness Month Calendar – 31 Days of Wellness

2. Data Stories – The Connecting to Care initiative created data stories on a range of children’s behavioral health and “network of care” topics.*

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