Connecting to Care’s Family Care Connections Workgroup has created the Connect4Families Toolkit to simplify access to behavioral health services and facilitate collaboration among families, pediatric primary care and behavioral health providers, and schools.

This free, online toolkit includes:

  • A comprehensive directory of behavioral health resources for children and families
  • Best practices for collaboration and communication among pediatric primary care providers, behavioral health clinicians, schools, and families
  • Sample, customizable communication forms to facilitate collaboration across providers at various stages of a child or adolescent’s behavioral health referral and treatment process
  • Tips from families and youth with lived experience
  • Strategies for establishing and maintaining collaborative inter-professional relationships
  • Recommendations for using electronic tools to enhance collaboration among providers
  • A review of relevant confidentiality and privacy laws in Connecticut
  • Info on new insurance billing codes that could be pursued in Connecticut to reimburse providers for time spent collaborative activities.

Click the button below to view the Connect4Families toolkit: